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Run Wild

Release Date: March 11, 2022

‘Run Wild’ is a rock ‘n’ roll ride that takes you in and turns you out as it builds to a massive ending. It was released alongside single ‘Boomtown’, which pays homage to The Brothers Moore’s home town, the self-proclaimed oil capital of the world. With a chorus “If I can feel it in ya, if I can see it in your eyes, I won’t think twice. Don’t come round here no more.” It is a clear warning sing for the dangers in business and what happens when you don’t listen to what your heart tells you.


The Brothers Moore from Tulsa, Oklahoma are led by brothers Billy (lead vocals, rhythm guitar) and Bobby (bass, vocals). They have cultivated a sound that is familiar, yet distinctly unique, which feels right at home in the vein of rock ‘n’ roll. Bandmates Troy Smith (lead guitar, vocals), Teddy Scott (lead guitar), and Jake White (drums, vocals) round out the vision to create a sound reminiscent of early Kings of Leon meets The Strokes & Queens of the Stone Age.

Formed in 2017, the group has a dedicated following in Oklahoma and the Midwest thanks to their energetic live performances and innovative songwriting. Following the release of their EP Careless in August 2017, The Brothers Moore played throughout the region before releasing their follow-up single Moves at the end of the year. 2018 saw the releases of songs I Can Relate and HWY75 which is a fan favorite.

In late 2019, The Brothers Moore were discovered by Shaun Morgan (Seether) and signed with CTK Management. In March 2020 the brothers went to Nashville, Tennessee to record with Shaun Morgan. During the recording process, Covid-19 took the wheel and put the bands music career on hold. After two long years the band finally got the opportunity they’d been waiting for. It came in the form of opening for Dolly Parton at The Moody Theater for her first ever performance at SXSW. In anticipation of the big show, the band released their first two singles from the Nashville recording sessions, Run Wild and Boomtown.

After SXSW, the band went to Los Angeles to continue building with the award winning song writer and 4 Non-Blondes front woman, Linda Perry,  and are now recording new music with 6 time grammy award winning producer Vance Powell at his studio in Nashville.

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