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Release Date: August 8, 2020


Growing up in Los Angeles, Nikki Lund cultivated the three unique passions that would come to define her empowering life journey and multi-faceted career. She can trace her success as a world renowned fashion designer to those moments she spent learning to sew watching her mother and grandmother. As a songwriter and musical artist, she was inspired by her mom, who sang Italian opera, and her dad, a bass player. Her performances and popular recordings with her brother Trevin (including the rock band Secret Minds and her current dance/pop tracks) had their roots in having their sister shoot artsy music videos when they were kids. And when Nikki sold $10,000 worth of butterfly hair clips on a trip to NYC at age ten, she offered a preview of her incredible ongoing run as the visionary fashion entrepreneur behind the niche cult favorite brands: Eccentric Symphony, White Trash Beautiful and Nikki Rich. 

For the creative hyphenate, Renaissance woman and cultural tastemaker, all of these previous accolades laid the foundation for breakthroughs on all fronts in 2019. Returning to her first love of making edgy, high octane music, Nikki (recording with Trevin on guitar) kicked her career as a pop/dance artist into high gear with the release of her powerhouse single “Love Overdose.” The track, co-written with Lauren Christy of seven time Grammy winning songwriting/production team The Matrix, reached #12 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs chart. Upon its release, Nikki described the song as “a refreshing and sexy, melodic dance track with fusion elements, presenting a powerful female taking charge and saying she’s made up her mind.”

She brings that same passionate spirit to her new Nikki Lund signature clothing line that is available at Nordstrom and other select retailers, Shop HQ, Verashop etc… The 200 item collection incorporates elements of her previous three brands. Nikki believes there is something effortlessly cool about California style, and her goal is to bring some of that breeziness to women’s wardrobes with a POV and certain unique sophistication. Doing a little research into what makes women crave the style of “beach babes,” she learned that it’s because they are surprisingly polished, though it never feels like they try too hard to create a great outfit. As Nikki sees it, they can do sexy without ever showing too much skin, and while they prefer jeans and a casual tee, they can make even the most low-key look feel totally put-together. These realizations led to the designer embracing her inner Best (West) Coaster with the style essentials it seems that no California girl can live without – including luxe evening gowns, floaty dresses, functionally fashionable layering pieces, cropped leather jackets, flip flops, chunky heels and simply chic accessories. All these come together to prove that when it comes to effortless outfits, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Rock N’ Roll chic.

“The Nikki Lund signature line has some of the edgy elements I love and I understand the women who buy my clothes and their sensibility, they are just like me. Moms who love fashion, but like functional fashion that makes sense for a busy lifestyle.” she says, “and this all goes back to my buyer being a savvy business woman who knows how to have fun and spoil herself on items she will keep and interchange in her closet for decades. Beyond trend. I have found that the demographic and the new age of consumers shopping online are of all ages and the age gap has widened tremendously. Young women are now shopping on home shopping network. My demographic went from 35-65 to 24-68 years of age in just a year. It is an ever-changing world and I understand that consumers are in a state of constant change and need easy, effortless, quality clothing that makes them feel secure and beautiful. I offer confidence, quality, stability and affordability. I focus each collection around statistics and facts from past collections and take all the bits and pieces that have worked for my customer and expand on these staples. Nikki Lund is a functional lifestyle brand. It is for the busy mom who likes washable, wearable, beyond trend silhouettes that translates from day to night and mix and match seamlessly into their wardrobe…”

Emerging as a force in the industry after cutting her teeth in the NYC fashion world working runway shows as an intern for Jill Stuart and Anna Sui, Nikki has put on dozens of wildly successful runway shows for her various lines. She has been widely celebrated for her sophisticated, fashion forward ready-to-wear designs and custom creations for a host of   superstars, including Carrie Underwood, Kate Beckinsale, Robert Plant, Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger, Heather Locklear, Blake Shelton, Jon Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, Demi Lovato, Steven Tyler and Britney Spears.

Her first line, Eccentric Symphony, began organically as hand stitched and embroidered loungewear that sold as merch for her band with her brother called Secret Mind, developed at the time by Disturbed frontmen David Draiman. The band had a deal with Warner Brothers through Draiman’s label.  The clever marketing move was to include a G-drive on every unit distributed of their UKnighted Denim and Eccentric Symphony lines promoting Secret Mind.

The brand became an overnight sensation at M. Fredric’s 35 locations and soon was selling in thousands of department stores and boutiques around the world.

“My new brand Nikki Lund represents the first time I had enough faith in myself to launch a brand completely by myself, that represents who I am and my lifestyle. Nikki Lund is a way of life and it is a way of thinking, I am a new color crayon” Nikki says of the line, which is mostly manufactured in Los Angeles. “I have the most fun creating something from nothing. I’ve always been a woman who looks for answers and lives into the questions of life. I like pushing the envelope in my creations. I am also passionate about my charity work. I am an ambassador for the children’s charity Art of Elysium. Using my talents to inspire children and uplift their spirits is everything to me. I am a funnel and will keep giving back and exploring all the limitless possibilities. As long as I have breath in my lungs, I have a purpose to fulfill!”

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