Playing with Fire

Release Date: October 7, 2021

Kovic’s soulful and sincere second studio album ‘Playing With Fire’ is an exhilarating string of tracks that expertly juxtaposes elegantly plaintive ballads like ‘So Hard Giving You Up’ with the velvety smooth vocals of lead tracks ‘Burned’ and ‘Playing With Fire’. Reflecting on the psychological pressures of the lockdown that allowed this album to come to fruition, ‘Wake Up Tomorrow’ is a touching inclusion. Created in conjunction with Kovic’s A&R team – a group of fans and music lovers who have been involved in every step of the process through live streaming events and exclusive content – this record is a body of work forged from pure passion for music.


British Singer-Songwriter and producer, Kovic, launched out of the UK in 2018, receiving early support from BBC Radio 1, and the hit track ‘Drown’ being synced in the popular FIFA video game franchise on ‘FIFA 18’.

Creating his own label ‘Kovic productions’, he released his debut album ‘Running Underwater’, and follow up album ‘Playing With Fire’, which gives a consistent 250k+ monthly listeners on Spotify and an average of 600k streams per month across all platforms.

Currently, with over 20 million streams across Spotify and Apple, and utilizing social media to grow a steady, dedicated fan base Kovic is now utilizing that fanbase to ‘A+R’ his third album. By setting up a subscription service on the Patreon platform, Kovic has been playing demos to his fans so they can pick their favorite songs to put on the album, giving subscribers producer credits on the album as well as access to exclusive and premium content.

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