Society Talk

Release Date: August 6, 2021

‘The prequel to ‘Evergreen’…this one’s about all of us! I wrote this song a few years ago (a day before penning my previous release). It mocks societal rules and “normalities” that dictate how we should act, or what we can/can’t do. I also reference my evolution as an artist in finding ‘my own lane’ and ‘chasing my dreams’. I feel that the question needed to be asked — who makes the “rules”? And which ones were made to be broken? I hope each of you are inspired to defy the odds, and blast TF out of this track! 🪄 Now… ‘shut your mouth and play ThE SoNg’ love E xx’ – Electra


Electra Mustaine is an artist and entertainer that commands attention by unapologetically embracing who she is. Her 2021 releases “Evergreen” and “Society Talk” put her original stamp on the pop scene. She has received accolades from tastemakers like SPIN Magazine, PopCrush, Loudwire, Rolling Stone, Idobi Radio and Consequence of Sound while building a rabid following on TikTok and Instagram. “We all have that little rebellious streak about us. Early on, I committed to really being my own person outside of my fathers legacy” says Electra. “I’ve stepped away from the identity that was my father’s by doing something opposite musically and creatively, but authentic to me!”


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